More Great Lawn Care Tips

Many people struggle when it comes to having beautiful lawns in their backyards.  You will be amazed at how simple it can really be to find the right lawn care company that provides these types of services.  You will be able to have the workers come in and do the work for you so that you do not have to worry about doing anything by yourself or with your family.

It is great to be able to sit outside and relax with your loved ones without having to worry that you need to concentrate on yard care in the backyard.  You will need to go online to find a reputable company that is available in the local area so that you can contact them about prices.  By doing this, you are making a wise decision for your own home so that you can easily increase its real estate value simply because it has a very nice lawn that has been maintained by a professional company each and every week that is located right in the area.

Basic Lawn Care Tips and Instruction

Residents who want nice, well-kept lawns should be aware that the first two weeks are the most critical to the establishment of a lawn. Those who do not pay attention to their lawns may have gardening problems that will take months to resolve. The key to having a healthy lawn is regular watering, fertilization and mowing.

In the first week of maintaining a lawn, gardeners must water it frequently. In fact, some lawns will need to be watered several times a day. Less water will be required as time goes on.

When someone is installing a new lawn, it is essential that they apply a starter fertilization. This should last four weeks. Most experts will recommend that residents fertilize their lawns aggressively for the first two years.

Lastly, the lawn should be mowed on a regular basis. Many people opt to mow their lawn when the grass is 4 to 6 inches tall. However, the ideal height for mowing is 3 inches. This is optimal for good health and deep roots. Residents should schedule their mowing so that it does not take off more than a third of the blade.

People who follow basic lawn care techniques will generally have a healthy lawn. These lawns look good and will last for many years to come. They are also ideal for children and pets to play on.